Hi, I'm James and this is Infinite Scroll, a newsletter about the climate crisis, democracy and social movements.

Our democracy has been captured by big business. From the housing crisis to the climate crisis, the interests of a few billionaires is being put ahead of working people.

The only thing that has ever had the power to take on the organised money of big business is organised people. Building a movement big and powerful enough to solve this political crisis isn't easy. We're always learning more about what we're up against, what approaches are working and how we can move through challenging moments.

I've been working in politics and social movements for over a decade now. I've had roles leading strategy, communications and mass mobilisations. I've worked in global, national and local scales and I've been lucky enough to learn from some of the smartest and most driven people doing this work.

Infinite Scroll is a place for collecting and sharing the things that I am learning on my journey to contribute to and build this movement.